Our work and special interest in not-for-profit organisations spans many areas of service provision. This includes organisations that deliver community service in aged care, retirement village operations, education and training, welfare, peak bodies and spirituality / religion.

Governors of not-for-profit organisations face increasing responsibility and risk in a rapidly changing environment of legislation, funding and service provision.

Organisations find themselves dealing with an increasingly wide rang of issues that arise from their charitable status, tax concessions, gift fund operation, GST legislation, funding complexities, employment requirements, fringe benefits rules and contractual environment.

MTC Advisory provides consulting services in these areas that include systemisation, training and management advisings.

MTC Advisory has a strong disposition toward local Church and Christian ministry. This expresses itself both in our professional skills set and style of service delivery. MTC Advisory has developed some unique reporting frameworks for local churches that take seriously the resource requirements of effective ministry.

Our professional viewpoint in relation to not-for-profit organisations finds expression through key personnel and a problem-solving suite of services.